INTERVIEW: Phaedra Talks to Lainey Lui

The witty author behind the Lainey Gossip blog, Etalk host, and resident co-host on the Social takes some time to chat about LOOK2016, fashion, gossip and 2017 predictions.

 Lainey Lui

Lainey Lui

Let me preface here by saying I really had to refrain from fangirl-ing all over Lainey on our call because it is a fact that I religiously read her blog, like everyday. And when it's a long weekend it's torture because it's one less day of posts anyway, I digress. If you haven't read it yet then you need to jump on it, stat! You're welcome:

I had the chance to talk to Lainey because she will be the host of Contemporary Calgary's LOOK2016 Gala and Styleista is also involved because we love this initiative and think it is incredibly important to support initiatives like this in our city.

I called Lainey from my BC vacation and with her having lived in Vancouver, it was a great place to kick off the conversation. After some sharing of our love for the weather, ocean and vibe of the west coast we jumped into a few questions...

P - If you could live in any celeb's closet who would it be and why?  

L - Rhianna's because she dictates style. Rhianna is her own trend and nobody can wear Rhianna but Rhianna. She can wear a ball gown (or go street) she is never boring, never predictable. The best dressed lists are so generic, choosing people like Blake Lively all the time. I prefer her (Rhianna's) edge.

P - You have mentioned before that you think there should be a accredited course on gossip in University, do you think that there's a place for fashion's role in gossip and what would the course content consist of?

L - This is a bigger discussion but fashion definitely has a role. Hollywood Reporter is curating a list of hollywoods most powerful stylists and Petra, Zoe Saldana stylist, made sure that her premier outfits and press tour looks were geared towards the audiences of her projects/movies because it is very important in marketing the movies as well. So fashion is very much a part of celebs jobs, it is 100% a part of an actors resume. They are actors and clothes hangers as well. Gossip is not just conversation about who's fucking who and who's an asshole, its about human behaviour and expression, how the actors/celebs choose to express themselves. Fashion is expression. 

P - What would your 'Gossip Christmas' prediction of 2017 be?

L - Taylor Swift already gave us a lot in 2016 with a relationship change and Kanye/Katy beefs. She is due to release an album in 2017 so there may be great gossip on romance and mean girl/bad blood. Katy Perry is also due for an album so a head to head with those two given their current relationship 'narrative' would be great. Also would love to see Rhianna and Drake be open about a relationship together - attending events, holding hands, pictures kissing on social media, That would be a big ass deal!

P - What do you think Steve Martin's personal taste on art is (in his home)? Provocative, edgy, contemporary?

L - If I was to predict what was his personal taste at home I would think edgy and provocative, he has a great eye.

P - What does Steve Martin bring to an event like LOOK2106?

L - He will bring versatility to this event, from SNL to The Three Amigos - he's so successful and he appeals to all. He can move around in every room. I love him in Father of the Bride, it's my favourite movie of his!

LOOK2016 is on October 22 at the soon to be transformed Planetarium with special guests, contemporary art, auctions and an after party. Tickets range in types and prices for all preferences and ages. This is a MUST be at event this year!

For all the details and to buy tickets visit: LOOK2016

XO, Phaedra

SHOPPING: Back To School

I had a personal shopping session this week, one of my favourites actually! It was a back to school shop for a new high schooler and it was so much fun! We had two hours at the CORE Shopping Centre downtown Calgary and $450 budget. Here are some of the B2S must haves we picked up!

                                    White Sneaker

                                   White Sneaker

                                                              Distressed Skinny Jeans

                                                             Distressed Skinny Jeans

                                              Plaid/Flannel Shirt

                                             Plaid/Flannel Shirt

                                               Bomber Jacket

                                              Bomber Jacket



Happy Shopping! If you need any help, you know where to find us!



Let us school you on the latest fashion. We will help elevate your personal style with a consult + personal shopping session at The CORE for a discounted rate of $200/2 hours                       *valid for 18 and under until Sept 30, 2106



EVENTS: Dîner en Blanc YYC

The countdown is on to the pop up dinner party that is trending world wide. 8 days until Dîner en Blanc comes to Calgary and we are going to help you get your head to toe white style on lock. 

The dress code is strict and straightforward so there should be no confusion. Wear white. Head to toe. That's it! No cream, eggshell, beige, tan or other shades of white, just white.

Usually the secret location ends up being in a grassy area so ladies be prepared by wearing a stacked heel or wedge, you will have an easier time navigating the event. Note: there are specifications on dinner and setting details on the website, click here.

Here are some inspo pics to help you get excited and kickstart your shopping. 

The options above range from sporty - girlie - trendy - casual. Always choose something that makes you feel like you but we recommend having fun with it! 

Dîner en Blanc is on Aug 11 and full info is available in the links above. Hope to see you there!

Email us if you have any questions:

XO, Phae


In just 4 days Packwood Grand will take over the Century Downs Racetrack & Casino and the most stylish Calgarians will flock in droves to partake in an afternoon filled with races, fashion, mingling and a general livery!

The Social Button is hosting the afternoon which promises to mix the 'true sense of old world leisure and sophistication'. 

Styleista is on the Style Stakes panel alongside The Style Guys and pervious winner, Gwendolyn Richards to pick the best dressed male and female. Stay alert during the event on details of how to enter yourself or your stylish date/friend!

The main questions we get asked is what to what to wear and wear to shop! So we have given you all the necessary deets to get yourself geared up for the event. 

 Last year we style a shoot for Avenue Magazine, read the full post   here

Last year we style a shoot for Avenue Magazine, read the full post here

The main details for the ladies are big hats and fascinators. This year I am getting a custom made fascinator made by a local designer, Holly Allen, who creates out of the Smithbilt Hat Co in Inglewood.

 Prototype of my custom fascinator

Prototype of my custom fascinator

When thinking of where to get inspo the first place to look is events such as the Kentucky Derby. Below are some celeb style shots which show the guys getting to be the peacocks and the ladies keeping it classy yet contemporary.

Places to shop: Menswear

#1 Brooks Borthers

- Harry Rosen

- Zara

- Club Monaco

- Gentleman Proper

- Browns Shoes

Places to shop: Womenswear


- Nordstrom

- Top Shop

- Holts

- Nine West (stacked heels or wedges for the grass)


Best Dressed 2015

 Nathaniel and  Ania B

Nathaniel and Ania B

Gallery from Packwood Grand 2015


See you all in the infield! 

XO, Phaedra

DIARY: COACHELLA 2016 - PT. 3 of 3

Final instalment of our Coachella diary concludes with some pics of our outfits for days 2 & 3, some best dressed festival goers and some snaps we took along the way.

 On Phaedra: Love of Lemons bralet from  APT22 , silver necklace from  Coutu Kitsch , horn necklace from  WYSH Collective , boots from  Ron White   On Brenna: G&R men's t-shirt from  The Bay , lace slip & sandals from  Nordstrom

On Phaedra: Love of Lemons bralet from APT22, silver necklace from Coutu Kitsch, horn necklace from WYSH Collective, boots from Ron White

On Brenna: G&R men's t-shirt from The Bay, lace slip & sandals from Nordstrom

 Ran into this beauty,  Ania B

Ran into this beauty, Ania B

Some of our fav festival fashion!

Day 2 and 3 was filled with snapping beautiful people in their festival finery, snapping for Flare Magazine's Snapchat and chilling in the VIP Rose Garden.

 Back chain from  Coutu Kitsch

Back chain from Coutu Kitsch

Music side note: G&R was A-mazing! Axle looked a little worst for wear, let's just say he doesn't age like a fine wine (ahem, George Clooney) but his voice was on point and Slash killed it!

 On Phaedra: Men's t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Chanel hip pack, Rag & Bone booties  On Brenna: Shorts from  Nordstrom , top from  APT22 , necklace from  Coutu Kitsch,  booties from DSW

On Phaedra: Men's t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Chanel hip pack, Rag & Bone booties

On Brenna: Shorts from Nordstrom, top from APT22, necklace from Coutu Kitsch, booties from DSW

Day 3 we kept it a bit more casual, me in a men's t-shirt (what else is new) B in her buns!

 Just past magic hour and pre Clavin Harris - with surprise guest Rihanna!

Just past magic hour and pre Clavin Harris - with surprise guest Rihanna!

Some shots from along the way....

 Necklace from  Coutu Kitsch

Necklace from Coutu Kitsch

 On Phaedra: Dress from UO  On Brenna: Fringe vest from APT22

On Phaedra: Dress from UO

On Brenna: Fringe vest from APT22

 We made it out alive, day 4 means morning mimosas, a big brunch and a direct flight home! 

We made it out alive, day 4 means morning mimosas, a big brunch and a direct flight home! 

Once again we had the best time, thank you Coachella for the weekend of wonderlust!

XO, Phae

EVENTS: #BITB - Pretty Up Your Summer Wardrobe

We are partnering with Adorn Boutique to bring the pretty to south Calgary! This will be our second event hosted at Starbelly Open Kitchen + Grill in the SE. We had overwhelming response from the first one that we decided to host it again for all you fabulous ladies who reside in the SE/SW!

On site styling expertise will be provided by Styleista's own, Kimberly French, paired with Adorn Boutique which is located in Inglewood, Calgary, you can rest assured to have feminine, flattering and fabulous clothing to give your summer wardrobe a boost!

Date: Wednesday, June 1 @ 7:30pm

Tickets: $35.00 (includes wine + hors d' oeuvres)

We will be donating a portion of all tickets sales to the Red Cross in support of the Fort McMurray Relief Fund.

To purchase tickets please visit our Events page. 


Once we arrived in Palm Springs we headed directly to one of our favourite starting spots, Tommy Bahama's on El Paseo. You may think it sounds like a hang out for silver hairs (no disrespect intended) but it has the best patio, salads and cocktails to get us into vacation mode.

 (L-R) Carmen, Brad, Brenna, Phaedra, Marina & Michelle

(L-R) Carmen, Brad, Brenna, Phaedra, Marina & Michelle

This year we made it more of a group trip with 3 other gfs and once very patient husband who actually ended up being forced to be our part time photographer, thanks Brad! So we shook off the travel stiffness, sipped our various bevvies and relaxed into the desert heat. 

From there we headed to our friends gorgeous home, in La Quinta and got settled by the pool for the later part of the day. We then found out our fellow YYC friend Ania B and her hubby, Tyler were also in town so we made plans to meet up with them. After spending at least an hour trying to figure out what, if anything in the greater Coachella Valley was open, we found out pretty much only one place was, The Nest. Think Calgary's The Trop  but in the desert. Lol! It's a bit cheesy and super random but they were open so we went. Added bonus was that we ended up sitting right next to the Weeknd and Bella Hadid.

Day 1 - Festival #OOTD: APT 22, Wysh Collective, and some of our own.

Prior to heading to the festival we made Brad take pics of us haha!

 #BTS - Brad looking all pro cameraman

#BTS - Brad looking all pro cameraman

Being responsible individuals we parked the SUV and took the shuttles which was the first time we had done this and surprisingly it was a very seamless process. Arriving at the festival and going through VIP was not however but we did get some good C list reality TV star-spotting in while waiting...we see you RKOBH cast!

We also had the pleasure of taking of Flare Magazine's Snapchat for the entire weekend! 

Once we finally were in we spent most of our time in the VIP area because you have the best view of the main stage. Plus there was just tons of celeb spotting that night, more then the other two for sure. Lenny Kravitz photobombed us, well maybe we made that happen ;)

 Oh hey!

Oh hey!

 Recreating our first Coachella pic (2015)

Recreating our first Coachella pic (2015)

 Free People Dress (APT22), WYSH Collective Wrap Chain, Ray Ban Sunglasses

Free People Dress (APT22), WYSH Collective Wrap Chain, Ray Ban Sunglasses

 APT22 Top, UO Bra, Aldo Sunglasses

APT22 Top, UO Bra, Aldo Sunglasses

To sum up day 1, we would say the music was epic; M83, Ellie Goulding, LCD and Purity Ring. The celeb spotting was on lock; Lenny, Jude Law, Chanel Iman, Scott Disick, Tyson Beckford. And our crew was the bomb! 

Day 2 + 3: To be continued...

XO, Phae

DIARY: Coachella 2016 - Part 1 of 3

For the second glorious year, Brenna and I set out to wanderlust in the California desert.

Prior to actually boarding our flights to Palm Springs we needed to visit some of our favourite spots in Calgary to get properly primed for our adventures.

One week prior to take off we visited XO Treatment Room where our skin guru and owner, Annie Graham gave us access to a brand new treatment called the Infusion Facial where she created micro channels to infuse a vitamin rich, sterile serum followed by a hyaloronic acid + collagen mask. There is no downtime and my skin felt fresh and looked oh so dewy! Post Coachella, I'll be back for an IPL to erase the UV pigmentation from being a sun goddess all weekend. Ps. If you book an appointment, mention 'Styleista' for a little deal ;)

After that we popped into the boho destination boutique, APT 22 in Aspen. We chose some super cute items to mix and match with our outfits. We love the attainable price points and versatility of the items Kim Stern picks out on her LA and Bali buying trips.

Next was the pre-party cleanse regime from CRU Juice. Ok, seriously this cleanse is so easy to do it barely feels like you are on one. We chose the 3-day Easy option ($190) which includes 6 juices/day ranging from green - root - citrus juices. It's delicious, not to mention slimming.

With a stop over at the Livery in Inglewood we did a major stock up of Coutu Kitsch which is a go-to for affordable, custom designed jewelry curated by Dorian Kitsch. We each own multiple rings, necklaces and earrings that we love to swap between us, layer and use as statement pieces. We both will basically never leave the house without a piece of Coutu Kitsch on!  

Intermixed into our schedules prior to leaving we hit up Union Athletica for a couple of their hybrid classes. One favourite being the F'AB Ride which is 30 min spin + 20 min abdominals. It's the best for people who love spin but not the full 50-60 min. 

We also stopped by our friend, Kristina Regehr's private studio where she makes WYSH Collective, to select a couple handmade vintage pieces to compliment our primary looks. Kristina signature aesthetic combines raw and natural stones with vintage chains to create unique one of a kind pieces. 

Finally, there is just no way that we could go to Coachella with our 'fair' skin, we must arrive looking like bronzed babes. So the only place we go to is Sundrops in Kensington. They are the best faux tanning salon in YYC. They provide a safe tan by using rich botanical foundations which keep you moisturized and glowing for any event or vacation you have in your calendar. The plus side is the tan is instant and you get a free touch up with select services!

We were set! Skin, clothing, accessories, and health were all on lock an off we went....

...story to be continued...

XO, Phae Feature: Coachella Musts ~ Where to stay, eat, hang, shop and what to wear

We were recently asked by Magazine how Styleista does Coachella and this is what we said -

Read on for a few more of our favourites.

STAY: The Colony Palm Hotel

A hidden gem, this Spanish hacienda-style boutique hotel with a vintage feel. Poolside plants seclude the French Riviera-chic cabanas at the serene pool and the Purple Palm Restaurant and Bar has a great scene with a Morocco meets old Hollywood feel. Truly a desert oasis!


BRONZE: Spraytanica

If you are coming from Canada, like us, your gonna want some fresh color when you get there! We love Nicole at Spraytanica. She has a room at a Shear Insanity Salon in Catherdral City perfectly situated half way between Palm Springs and Indio. Or better yet she’s mobile and can come to you! Her products are all natural, parabin free, and not tested on animals. The color is customized, last 5 – 7 days and fades evenly. Call Nicole at 310.228.8624 and get your glow on!



El Paseo shop eat drink palm springs coachella

The famous El Paseo Shopping District is the Rodeo Drive of the desert. Featuring a mile of over 300 shops, art galleries, jewelry stores and restaurants lined with beautiful manicured flower beds. Our perfect day here would be to grab brunch at Wilma & Frieda in the Gardens and then stroll the stripes locally owned boutiques like Elizabeth & Prince and Blonde Boutique, a patio cocktail at Tommy Bahamas, followed by a peek into some of the fabulous art galleries. A blow out at one of the many salons and then dinner + drinks at Mastros. 


RELAX: The Well Spa at Miramonte Resort

The desert waters derived from a natural well hundreds of years ago, continue to revitalize today at this award-winning spa. It’s intimate Tuscan environment features 13 treatment rooms and a co-ed courtyard with private salt water pool. Check out the spa parties as well!


WHAT TO WEAR: be sure to read the FLARE post we wrote for all of our must haves for your festival look! 

SKINCARE: Beyond Botox ~ Courtesy of the XO Treatment Room

I’ll be the first to admit that I am skin lazy. 

At certain points in my life, I’ve taken an interest in my skin.  I’ve seen a dermatologist, been advised on a specific regime that I loosely followed and ended up somewhat satisfied with the results. 

However, nothing stays the same.  Aging & climate changes are constant obstacles for me & my skin care, and Calgary has proved to be the biggest one yet; especially with dry sensitive skin.  So after a year and half of trying to figure it out on my own, it was time to see the professionals at XO Treatment Room.

I scheduled my appointment for the first day after the spring break, because lets be honest, while my main objective is skin deep, there is something about being pampered that is just good for the soul.

Located in the Beltline, which is just south of Calgary’s downtown, XO Treatment Room is easily accessible.  Even on a busy weekday morning, parking was a cinch.

As I entered XO Treatment Room, I quickly become aware of two things, an amazing aroma and a woman greeting me with absolutely flawless skin that I’m informed is makeup free.  This happens to be Annie Graham, owner of XO Treatment Room.  Annie welcomes me and as we discuss my dermatological concerns, I am completely at ease with her and my surroundings, which is unlike any medical spa I’ve been to.

My treatment for today is the Beyond Botox facial which is specifically designed to reverse the signs of aging and help reduce lines, wrinkles, and age spots and will be administered by a medical aesthetician, Kaila.  We enter a serene treatment room and as Kaila explains my procedure, she also inquires about any additional skin concerns and easily addresses them with exceptional know-how.  I can tell I am in good hands!

As facials go, this is like nothing I have ever experienced.  There is no pulling, peeling or extracting.  The focus is on enhancing the quality of your skin through pressure points, increased blood circulation and luxe products specifically for hydration.  My facial had 11 plus steps, but the one I enjoyed the most was a mild chemical peel and during this time, I received a full arm & hand massage with organic apricot oil from Italy.  It was during this process that everything just stopped.  All my thoughts, “Have-to’s” and even my mental notes for this blog… it all just came to a rare and much needed stop - it was amazing!

Unfortunately, all good things must end.  Once Kaila was done administering my Beyond Botox Facial, I was reminded of what my skin used to feel like, before my need to hide it with makeup.  It was as though years of exposure had been taken away and I was left with soft, supple, hydrated skin.  We sat down and discussed a realistic regime that works with my lifestyle and includes Canadian product B.Kamins.  I’m obsessed with their Lifting Serum, which in Calgary, is exclusive to XO.

Just as I began to leave with my new found glow, I was introduced to world-renowned Cosmetic Physician, Dr. Grondin, who performs all of XO’s injectables.  Not only is he brilliant at his craft, and just like Annie, his demeanor is infectious.   That’s what sets XO Treatment Room apart, the knowledge and disposition of the staff is parallel and cohesive to the care and attention they give you.

It’s been over 36 hours since my experience at XO Treatment Room and as someone who is result driven - I’m thrilled.  And more so, have finally been given the resources required to achieve and maintain healthy looking skin.

PS. Check out their Instagram cause it will make you giggle! 

XO, Kimberly

Boutique in the Burbs


 Photo Credit: Tyler Stalman

Photo Credit: Tyler Stalman


Styleista is excited to partner with APT 22 + Starbelly to bring one of Calgary’s hottest boutiques to the burbs!


TICKETS: $40 (includes h’orderves + 2 drinks)

WHEN: Thursday, February 18, 2016

TIME: 8pm

WHERE: Starbelly Restaurant - 19489 Seton Cr SE


APT22 is a fresh and stylish women’s clothing boutique located in Aspen. The owner, Kim Stern, sources clothing and jewelry from global style destinations such as Bali, Los Angeles as well as local designers right here in Calgary. Styleista will be on site with stylist, Kimberly French, on hand to give outfit and wardrobe tips at Starbelly, which is an chic open kitchen and grill located in the South East. This can be a fun night out for you and your girlfriends, moms, sisters and/or daughters.


For more information please contact us:


Instagram + Twitter: @styleista_ca

Facebook: Styleista

Pinterest: StyleistaGroup


XO, Team Styleista

PROMO: Valentines Day Pamper Package

Guys, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is absolutely no time to waste planning that special day for your significant other or perhaps that person you are trying to impress for the first time.

We want to take the pressure off and curate a perfect package to pamper your sweetheart. We will plan a personal shopping session to style her with a date night outfit to enjoy dinner with you, she can then choose from a selection of Wysh jewelry and finish the day with a customized facial from XO Treatment Room.

Offer includes:

Customized Styleista Gift Certificate

Assistance for Dinner Reservations

10% off Personal Shopping (or session of choice)

WYSH Jewelry Selection

XO and Go Facial + Collagen Masks

- Please inquire regarding Men's Vday Package - 

Pamper Package w/ earrings $500

 Natural Solar Quartz Flowers w/ 24k gold electroplated edging hung from 14k gold filled earring threads

Natural Solar Quartz Flowers w/ 24k gold electroplated edging hung from 14k gold filled earring threads

Pamper Package w/ Necklace $425

 Rose Quartz Crystal Point on 14k gold filled ball 32" chain

Rose Quartz Crystal Point on 14k gold filled ball 32" chain

For booking information please contact us by email: or phone: 403-978-0050

~ Offer expires February 14, 2016 ~




XO, Team Styleista


I stumbled upon the mens department in H&M and thanks to the Beibs they have started making mens shirts in extra long. I found a super cute sweatshirt with a graphic text on the back, long t-shirts with a shirt tail bottom and short sleeve t's with zippers up the side and down the centre back. If styled right they could be mistaken as Helmut Lang, Rick Owens or Rag & Bone.


- Make sure the length is at least at the bottom of your finger tips

- I'm generally a women's size 2-4 so I bought size men's size M

- Pair with OTK boots 

- Add a lace skirt that peeks out the bottom

- Pair with a chunky heeled bootie

- Add sheer tights/nylons

H&M White Zip T-shirt: LINK


H&M Grey Shirt-tail T-shirt: LINK

XO, Phaedra

TRAVEL: Southern Gulf Islands - NYT Best Places to Go 2016

I was born and raised on the west coast of British Columbia. Born in Vancouver and raised on Bowen Island and then Salt Spring Island. I would not trade that upbringing for anything in the world, it has helped shape who I am deep down. There is something about being immersed in an environment that surrounds you with the ocean, wilderness, wildlife and a warm community of people that will always be a part of who I am. 

The west coast is wild, unpredictable and breathtakingly beautiful. The unpredictability lends to the mystic of this rugged coastal region where you can find yourself enjoying a summer-like October day on a tiny beach basking in the sun to misty morning runs that lead you past dew laden farm fields, unique homes and eventually you will end up at the ocean again. You can take a boat out and drop a line, hopefully catch a lingcod or pull a friends’ crab trap and plan a fresh seafood hot pot paired with a local bottle of wine. Nothing beats this! It all comes back to the ocean. Being raised with it as a constant in my life makes me realize I can’t live without it. It’s like a soul mate in a way, if that even makes any sense.

What prompted all this west coast love is the recent article by the New York Times – 52 Places to Go in 2016 – which the Southern Gulf Islands was listed! I have to give them props on their description of my beloved home:

“Always blessed with natural beauty, Vancouver has successfully recast itself in recent years as a luxury destination. But as the Canadian city goes upscale, travelers and locals seeking simpler Pacific Northwest charms are increasingly venturing just offshore, to the Southern Gulf Islands. A short ferry ride (as little as an hour) leads to a maze of Pacific islands dotted with small seaside villages, where summers can feel almost Mediterranean. Rocky coast and pebble beaches give way to rolling pastures and forested peaks. Winding roads lead from farms and wineries to cheeseries, breweries and artists’ studios. Each of the nearly dozen major islands has its own character and contrarian island culture, but all offer secluded coves and trails to explore, and abundant wildlife, from eagles to orcas. Restaurants — including tiny Pilgrimme, cited as one of Canada’s best — punch well above their weight, while one-off accommodations range from renovated airstreams to Airbnb finds and small, family-run lodges.” - Remy Scalza


The more I miss it the more I realize that I need it and that I will once again live there, mark my words.


Xo, Phaedra