While Styleista's personal shopping client list remains confidential, we do want to share some wonderful testimonials with you!

I've been working with Styleista for over 5 years. As a public figure who often attends events and is on television and in print media, these ladies have cultivated a professional and stylish image for me. Admittedly, I used to know little about fashion and when I suddenly found myself in the public eye, I knew I needed help! I have confidently hired Brenna and Phaedra to style me in cities across Canada for major magazine photoshoots and national television appearances and they have built strong relationships with top Canadian designers to dress me. I have also used their services to educate myself about what to wear in my personal life. The ladies regularly edit my closet (they are ruthless and honest! Exactly what I need!) and do personal shopping for the must haves each season, while working with what I already own (making it surprisingly cost friendly). They understand exactly what I want and can shop without me, which is perfect for my busy travelling schedule! I'm always surprised and delighted by what they put together. They are so talented, and on point with all the latest trends. As a result, I am always complimented on my clothes! The sky is the limit for these two stylists and Calgary is very lucky to have them!

~ Amanda Lindhout, Author of A House in the Sky ~

"The stylists are exceptionally organized, personable, edited my eyesore of a closet quickly, swiftly and scrupulously! I felt uplifted and energized after the wardrobe edit.  Then we went personal shopping which was another treat for me since Phaedra knew exactly what I should wear for my body type and personal style - mix/match the clothes – I had a lot of fun! I booked another appointment on the spot."

- Brenda

"The wardrobe edit went very well.  Phaedra was very professional and efficient.  It felt good to cleanse my closet and she re-organized it as she went too!  I donated a garbage bag full of clothing. Her excitement about the new pieces I'll be adding to my closet is contagious and I look forward to shopping with her.  I appreciate the outside perspective that Phaedra has... I trust her to be honest about how clothes look on me and I know I'll gain a new perspective on myself as well."

- Heather

"I had a fantastic time during my personal shopping session with Brenna. I often become overwhelmed while shopping and it can be a stressful affair. With only two 2-hour sessions, Brenna’s expert advice saw me to an entirely new fall wardrobe. She pulled fabulous looking pieces that I would never have picked for myself and we shopped at stores that I had never been into before. It was such a great way to add some taste and variety to my closet! Brenna’s fashion knowledge and easy-going nature made the whole session feel just like two friends out shopping. A real pleasure!"

- Sara

"I used to be that guy at events looking longingly at guys dressed in things that made them look awesome.  I used to fantasize about pulling off the look of a stylish fashionista, instead of a has-been jock.  I used to dream about wearing layer upon layer of well-fitted and perfectly selected items.  I used to be.  Now, thanks to Phaedra, I am the guy I used to want to be!!  All it took was one (giant) closet revamp and one (well, okay, maybe two or three) personal shops, and now I have the wardrobe I always dreamed of.  Friends, family, and even strangers commenting about how well dressed I am constantly reminds me that my time with Styleista has forever changed my life.  The only thing I am wondering now is.... when is next season's line coming out so I can do another personal shop ?!?!?  Thank you, so much for opening my eyes to a world I never thought possible."


Getting style by Styleista was a major boost to my self-esteem. After 2 babies, I lost a little of who I was style wise. Now, I feel much happier and secure. It's a little bit about the clothes but it's mostly about taking time for myself to dress appropriate for my lifestyle and own it. (Work it baby!) I absolutely recommended anyone to hire them. The outfits they selected and put together are not only amazing, but functional pieces for my day-to-day. I can honestly said that their knowledge, skills and experience actually saved me money as opposed to when I try and shop all by myself.

I can't wait for our next shopping session!

- Cinthia

"I had so much fun shopping with Phaedra and am really happy with what we bought. I would have not even thought to pick the pieces Phaedra picked and they all worked so well.  I would have wasted most of my money had I tried this alone!"

Update - "I've been told at my job that I am the most fashionable person in the workplace. The new wardrobe has really helped my confidence and set the right tone at work from the start. People want to go shopping with me now on lunch breaks (uh-oh)"  

- Akhila 

"I was that girl who had a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. That all changed when I met the girls at Styleista. They spent a couple of hours 'editing' my wardrobe. This was a cleansing experience, that forced me to think about how much time and money I had spent shopping for separates. 

Phase two was a day spent shopping. Our focus was creating interchangeable outfits. Phaedra was perfect at showing me options and introducing me to alternate clothing styles. I have found it a real pleasure working with the girls and look forward to creating my next outfit. 

Thanks Phaedra and Brenna!"

- Wendy


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