Our absolute favourite place to give our faces the pampering they need and enables us to post unfiltered pictures on our ig is


Annie and the team there are so amazing! They put you at ease with their approachability, knowledge, and gorgeous skin. 


We have tried these treatments and highly recommend them:

XO & GO - 30 minutes of intense face love for ladies on the go. It's the B.Kamins Peel (Glycolic, Lactic or AHA) with deep lifting serum and hydrating mask. 

Laser Glow - this laser treatment is appropriately named as it gives your skin an uber glow. The process has no downtime and keeps all your skin concerns in check tackling blemishes, redness and it's pore refining and anti-aging. 

Titan Up – Instant and continuous results. Titan Up is a dermal heat treatment that puts that lax skin back where it belongs. Helps build collagen to give you that youthful plump look. Excellent choice for jaw line and eye lift.

XO Infusion Facial - Youth Infusion and Brightening facial delivering specialized, targeted ingredients deeper into the skin for 3000x better absorption and efficiency.  Micro needles are used to create miniature channels for absorption, resulting in ultimate serum penetration, collagen stimulation and firm, plump skin. The results for this were huge and was the most instantly noticeable treatment.  


 "Beautiful skin never goes out of style" - Styleista