This year the Grammys were a little…for lack of a better word, bland. Don’t get me wrong, there were some stellar performances and some notable fashion but there were some major players missing (cough, cough…Beyonce) and the fashion was all safe, not many risks taken.

Regardless, let’s get into some looks that we liked and ones that we did not! Also, click HERE for our segment from this morning on Breakfast Television Calgary where we breakdown our top 5.



Gaga looked simply beautiful in this look and her hair/makeup was perfection and really showed her natural beauty.  Dress: Celine

Gaga looked simply beautiful in this look and her hair/makeup was perfection and really showed her natural beauty.

Dress: Celine


Many people were squawking about the frills on her sleeves but that is what made it interesting! Loved this look.  Dress: Stephane Rolland

Many people were squawking about the frills on her sleeves but that is what made it interesting! Loved this look.

Dress: Stephane Rolland


This dress is a ‘90 throwback and I love it! I would 100% wear this.  Dress: Ralph & Russo

This dress is a ‘90 throwback and I love it! I would 100% wear this.

Dress: Ralph & Russo


Brenna and I did not agree on this one but I love it because it has drama and the colour paired with her hair is perfection. Does it look like she forgot her pants? Yes. But who cares! Plus she is Cardi B’s lil sister so she is cool by association lol! Love it.  Dress: As much as I tried to find the designer I could not. Unknown.

Brenna and I did not agree on this one but I love it because it has drama and the colour paired with her hair is perfection. Does it look like she forgot her pants? Yes. But who cares! Plus she is Cardi B’s lil sister so she is cool by association lol! Love it.

Dress: As much as I tried to find the designer I could not. Unknown.


To be clear, we do not think this is best dressed but it is totally worth a conversation. Cardi doesn’t play it safe which is awesome. However, she looks like a Disney character from the Little Mermaid. It’s true, you see it too right?!!!  Dress: Vintage Theirry Mugler

To be clear, we do not think this is best dressed but it is totally worth a conversation. Cardi doesn’t play it safe which is awesome. However, she looks like a Disney character from the Little Mermaid. It’s true, you see it too right?!!!

Dress: Vintage Theirry Mugler


Love the colour pairing and the silhouette, so pretty!  Dress: Unknown

Love the colour pairing and the silhouette, so pretty!

Dress: Unknown



NO! Too much. The sleeves that turn into gloves. Satin shoes. Stringy hair. Just a hard no.  Designer: Balmain - for the record, I love the house of Balmain, just not this look.

NO! Too much. The sleeves that turn into gloves. Satin shoes. Stringy hair. Just a hard no.

Designer: Balmain - for the record, I love the house of Balmain, just not this look.


Not feeling this look on Katy.  Designer: not sure, too lazy to look.

Not feeling this look on Katy.

Designer: not sure, too lazy to look.





I love love LOVE his music! With this outfit thought, I can only think of the Boy Scouts of America.

I love love LOVE his music! With this outfit thought, I can only think of the Boy Scouts of America.


This outfit is WHACK.

This outfit is WHACK.


This is just f-cked up. She also carried a bag that said ‘make america great again’. Not cool.

This is just f-cked up. She also carried a bag that said ‘make america great again’. Not cool.

Thanks for joining us in this space and we would love to hear your thoughts so shout out on IG or in the comments below. Fashion speaks to people in different ways and we are all able to express ourselves through clothing which is truly a beautiful thing.

XO, Phae

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Hi friends! It’s been a minute since we posted a blog, we have been taking a little time away from posting on IG, our blog and other social media outlets. As much as we know it is important to keep our friends and followers engaged we have also felt like there is a lot of ‘content’ out there just for the sake of posting something. We only want to post when we are excited about something, we hope you agree…

On that note, we are excited about our stunning backyard that is the Canadian Rockies! Brenna and I decided to take a quick couple of days out of our schedules and spend them in the mountains. For those who are winter enthusiasts, know that there are endless outdoor and indoor adventures to be had. Whether it be cross country skiing in Canmore, watching the ice sculptors in Lake Louise or zenning out in the new Nordic spa at the recently renovated Kananaskis Lodge, there is literally something for everyone.

We planned on one day + night of fun out and about in Canmore followed by one night in Kananskis with Camp Hooha.

So, what to wear? This winter has been significantly more mild than the previous one here in Calgary so we decided to keep it simple with interchangeable outfits that can play double duty. Check out our list below for items and outfits.

WHAT TO PACK: Brenna and I have similar yet slightly different styles overall. We decided to keep it simple (as you should when heading to the mountains). We each brought 3-4 outfits. Here is an easy packing list for you ladies heading to the mountains, whether it be with gfs, significant others or family.

  • Plaid (OBVI) jacket or fleece - see pic of B

  • Anorak in Green or Black for versatility - see pic of P

  • 1-2 pairs of denim

  • 1-2 pairs of tights

  • 1 oversized cozy sweater, sweatshirt or cardigan

  • 1 short sleeve + 1 long sleeve t-shirts for layering

  • Lace up hikers - see pic

  • Toque with pom-pom

  • Swimsuit for the hot tub

  • Sunglasses (sunscreen)

WHERE TO STAY: With so many options it was hard to choose where to stay. We had specifically heard of two new-ish hotels in Canmore, The Malcolm and The Lamphouse. We settled on The Lamphouse and were very happy with our stay. Essentially they have a virtual desk and your check-in info is sent to you electronically. We arrived two hours earlier than our scheduled check-in time and we called the customer service # and were greeted right away and allowed to check in early which kicked off our day perfectly, aka - we headed to happy hour at the Grizzly Paw for Caesars :)

WHERE TO EAT: We did a tour of eateries while in Canmore; The Grizzly Paw, Tavern 1883 , Crazy Weed and Communitea.

Grizzly Paw - Your classic pub but with a twist on the traditional pub menu offerings. Try the house dry rubbed chicken wings - SO good!

Tavern 1883 - A fun crowd, easy going service team and live music on the weekends! Try the skillet nachos, omg.

Crazy Weed - Top dinner recommendation in Canmore hands down! Fabulous fresh menu in an upscale yet casual environment. Try the Arctic Char.

Communitea - Healthy, healthy, healthy! We went for both breakfast and lunch the following day! Try the Pacific Avocado Toast, it’s ridiculously good.

WHERE TO SWEAT: New to Canmore is the Wildheart Yoga & Barre Studio. We booked in for a 9am Barre class on Saturday am and got our little butts kicked! Then went downstairs to Toniq for turmeric shots.

KANANASKIS NORDIC SPA: One of the newest and hottest places in the Rockies right now is the Kananaskis Lodge and Spa. The lodge is newly renovated and the rooms are nice and fairly spacious but a bit expensive ($400/night for a standard double). The spa looked lovely from afar but the waitlist was so long (3-5 hours) we did not get to experience it. I definitely will be back before the season is over to try it out.

We seriously live in one of the most beautiful places on this planet and we don’t connect with it enough. B and I had the best time playing in the mountains! We could have added another day to go for a nice long hike as the weather was fairly mild while we were up there. Grassi Lakes and Ha Ling are both well traveled trails that all levels of hikers can explore. Note: the latter is somewhat more difficult, like nature’s stair master haha.

Thanks for coming along with us!

XO, Phaedra


Rested and rejuvenated are a couple words I would use to describe how I am feeling since staying at the The Cottages for a week this August. I first discovered The Cottages when I was planning a visit over Christmas last year. I booked a couple days to have a visit with my mom on Salt Spring Island (SSI) last December and when I arrived and checked in I fell in love! Fast forward to summer 2018 and I have been invited back by their team to enjoy a full week in one of their rustic yet modern cottages on Bullock Lake. 

If you have been reading this space for some time now you will know that I was raised on SSI. My family moved to the island when I was 4 years old and I left at 18 right after graduating high school. I spent several years traveling and attending university and felt quite content exploring the world then settling in Calgary, AB. Funny how things work out and after some time I started missing the island more and more, after trying to put my finger on why, I finally realized it was simply because I missed home. Familiar places and faces that are a part of who I am. So now I try and go back as often as possible.

For this visit I hoped Brenna could join but she was unable to so I invited a couple gfs from Vancouver, Karen and Jen. Both were new to visiting the island so I made sure we did it up right, Island Style! Here is a little day in our life:


Breakfast time

Breakfast time

I love to cook, especially when I get to use fresh, organic, local products sourced from some of the hundreds of farm stands around the island. The kitchens at The Cottages are fully equipped making prepping and entertaining a breeze. You have everything you need in the kitchen; coffee maker, flatware, cutlery, glasses, pots, pans and so on...just bring your favourite ingredients and get creative.

*not pictured - I also bought a crab from the fishery and cooked an epic crab + pasta feast - it was drool worthy, just sayin'*

Morning coffee from  Salt Spring Coffee

Morning coffee from Salt Spring Coffee


Well fed and caffeinated we headed into town to check out the Saturday Market which is famous on SSI for it's local vendors, artisans, craftspeople, famers and musicians. Then popped over to the Salt Spring Wild Cider for lunch - mainly a liquid lunch ;) 



Omg, these guys are nailing it! From the cider produced onsite to the new menu featuring healthy, local deliciousness we did not want to leave! Note: try their Hopped Apricot and their award winning Dry and Semi-dry ciders - these can all be ordered online as well...worth it..TRUST!

Living the good life

Living the good life

Local Organic Meatballs with farm fresh slaw and Stuffed Dates with Chorizo...nuff said.

Cider + Appies

Cider + Appies

From here we headed back to The Cottages and back down to the lake with cider in hand and bikinis on bods.

Wild blackberry bushes at The Cottages

Wild blackberry bushes at The Cottages

For snack time we added in a little more local fare including some SSI goat cheese, SSI Tomato Jelly (try this on grilled cheese - dying) and fresh picked blackberries off the bushes that line the lake at The Cottages.

Salt Spring Wild Cider on the dock at The Cottages

Salt Spring Wild Cider on the dock at The Cottages

Styleista At Salt Spring-2870.jpg

Oh did I mention Bullock Lake is private? So only the guests of the property and few other surrounding  landowners can enjoy this perfect little jem. 

Lake life 

Lake life 

Basically this is the best place to unwind with friends and family!

After a day of running around we wanted to just take it easy, everything we need is there, lake, private verandas, friendly staff, fun guests, nature, cozy living rooms, king sized beds...speaking of king sized beds...


Truth be told we had been dancing until the wee morning hours the night before at Moby's ocean side pub so this night in particular we stayed in. The units have wifi and some are outfitted with TVs so the unwinding options are endless. I chose comfy pjs, tea and good book.

Relaxation on point 

Relaxation on point 

Added in some Salt Spring Island candles to my zen space because I am friggin' obsessed with scented candles. Like it's a real problem. The team at SSI Candle Co. sent me some of their favourites and now I have a few more to add to my collection.

SSI Candle Co.

SSI Candle Co.

My top 4 scents I love by season are: 

Spring: Sitka

Summer: Full Moon

Fall: Chai

Winter: Hearth

Plus I brought along my other obsession from the Gut Lab girls in YYC - Glow which I stir into tea or coffee on the daily. Lights out after that. 

Adding in my favs: SSI Candle Co. and Gut Lab (from YYC) added to my tea

Adding in my favs: SSI Candle Co. and Gut Lab (from YYC) added to my tea

If you have not been to Salt Spring Island I highly recommend you consider a visit. The sense of community on the island is incredibly welcoming to visitors and you will truly start to understand the draw of the natural beauty of this little island nestled between Vancouver Island and the mainland. And visit at any time of the year, there is no bad time to be on SSI, every season brings new delights and mild temperatures. Below is a little more detail on the what The Cottages have to offer in terms of real estate and rentals. And if you do chose to visit my little hometown, please don't hesitate to reach out to me for a list of recommendations from a 'locals' perspective.


Real Estate: Prices start at $309,900 for one of these very special Southern Gulf Island retreats. If you have been considering the purchase of a vacation home, there’s no better place than here! From location to turn key access to speculation tax exempt this is a solid investment...I'm considering it!  

Nightly Rentals: The Cottages are available to rent year round. Whether you want a summer getaway or a winter retreat, it's all so easy here!

I literally did NOT want to leave. This place has a very special place in my heart now and the people here are starting to feel like old friends. 

- To the Team at The Cottages a HUGE thank you for having me! I will be back soon! 

Until next time!

Until next time!

XO, Phae

*All photos + video courtesy of the talented Jon Suk*

IG: @jonsuk

FB: Jon Suk Media


This past weekend we had the pleasure of taking an all-new 2018 BMW X1 on a road trip to Kimberley BC, courtesy of Dilawri's BMW Gallery + Calgary BMW

Brenna Phaedra BMW X1 Trans Canada Mountains.jpg

It was a pleasure to drive! It is a smaller SUV or SAV ("Sport Activity Vehicle") as it's called, but it is super roomy inside. In fact the roomiest vehicle in it's class! The ride was so comfortable and spacious. Also it had the speed you expect from BMW with a 228 HP TwinPower Turbo engine and was very fun to drive!

BMW Wheel White Nike Air Max.jpg

The interior was just a gorgeous as the exterior. We loved the Head's Up display which projected the speed and other driving info on the window, directly in the field of view, to ensure your eyes are always on the road. Safety first! We also enjoyed that the back 3 seats could each be folded down, either separately or together. Very versitile!

white BMW X1 Kimberley BC North Star Mountain Village Resort Cabin.jpg

Once in Kimberley, we stayed at Northstar Mountain Village Resort, which was perched at the top of the hill with stunning views!

Mom and baby brown bear 2018 Kimberley BC .jpg

One of which was a Momma brown bear and her cub, right out our back door! Was an amazing experience to watch them! Go to our Instagram stories to see full video. (under "cars") Don't worry we watched safely. 

Kimberley BC food drink restaurants the Nest

We had some awesome meals at some really great spots! Highlights were The Nest (in Marysville) - new restaurant with amazing food + service and a cute patio, Pedal And Tap - great spot for healthy and delsicus lunch/dinner + drinks, The Shed - for drinks and snacks, The Old Bauernhaus' Restaurant - authentic German fare in an authentic German setting, and the newly named pub, Canoes and Brews (formerly BJ's)

Styleista Fashion Blogger Influencer Athleisure Hike Fitness Style.png

When we weren't driving the beemer or filling our tummies, we were out enjoying nature. We took in the sights, sounds and smells exploring the Lois Creek Trails and even did our own outdoor mini boot camp. It was a perfect relaxing get away. 

The BMW X1 was the one for all of our adventures!


We have partnered with Dilawri's BMW CALGARY + BMW GALLERY and SAKS FIFTH AVENUE to bring you

the MOTHER of all giveaways!

Mothers day package giveaway yyc

Contest Details:

  1. Make sure you like/follow: Calgary BMW (FB/Insta), BMW Gallery (FB/Insta), Styleista (FB/Insta), and Saks Fifth Avenue Calgary (FB only).
  2. Like our post relating to this contest.
  3. Tag 2 friends.

5 Bonus Entries: Test drive a BMW of choice at your nearest BMW retailer. Subject to but not limited to current/expecting mothers. Celebrate all mothers by entering! Winner to be revealed May 13th, 2018 during the Styleista Road Trip to Kimberley, BC - follow along on our Instastories.


WINNER: @manditory

It's contest time friends!

I am totally obsessed with this online boutique, Era Style Loft! They have a brick and mortar store in Saskatoon but they offer e-commerce and free shipping and returns! So with that fact I think us Calgarians can have some fun on this site. See below for details, contest runs from Tuesday, April 3 and ends Friday, April 6 @5pm - Winner announced on Monday, April 9 on our IG: @styleista_ca

They have all the best contemporary brands:

  • Parker NY
  • Mother Denim
  • Alice + Olivia 
  • Equipment
  • Maison Irem
  • Current/Elliott
  • Joie
  • and so much more!

See image below for details! 



XO, Phaedra


When Uptown opened I was like ohhhhh yes! Calgary needed an elevated experience for the nail lover. Now after 2 years they are going strong and it is because of the experience the owners and technicians provide. From knowing Tony and Vanessa remembering your name when you arrive to what you like to drink, for me it's a bottle of water and an espresso shot every time. 


They have all the top polishes including Chanel to Opi and can do any type of style or art. My favourite service is the 'powder dip' which involves less soaking, buffing and UV light. The real reason why is because of how long my nails have grown naturally! No tips or gel just strong nails with a few coats of the powder dip. They also have services for men and kids!


If you haven't tried Uptown yet we highly recommend that you do! Give them a call today and tell them Styleista sent you and give them the code: STYLEISTA10 to get 10% off of your services in the month of March *must be a first time customer*.


XO ~ Phae



We do have a passion for the finer things in life, with escalating expectations from sophisticated brands. If we chose to, the dollars we spend can be a vote for conscious, sustainable and responsible brands. Fashion has immense power. That is why researchers at the International University of Monaco are studying sustainability in the fashion and luxury sector. They are asking for consumers' viewpoints about sustainability in a survey. Please consider taking the survey, and sharing with colleagues, contacts and friends.

Here is a link to the research survey. Let's see what consumers feel about sustainability. Please let your friends know that the survey will help sustainability researchers, it takes about 10 minutes, and is formatted for computer, and not cell phone or tablet use. There is an incentive to complete the survey by February 27 as the researchers are giving away one new Hermes silk scarf to one lucky respondent at the end of February! 

Clink this LINK to complete the survey and enter to win!

Many thanks!

Judi Hepner and the Styleista Team


As residents of the Great White North we need to treat our skin differently than our friends on the coast and in the south. We have a dryer harsher climate and our skin needs to be treated with care that is catered to our environment. In Calgary we experience long periods of dry harsh cold. This can create dryness, redness and breakouts. 

Up until 4 years ago I was not really that interested in spending time and energy testing skincare products, I would just use what my friends said they used or whatever brand I was drawn to based on their marketing. What I have learned is that almost all mainstream or specialized brands we are exposed to in magazines and advertisements are designed for climates that are more temperate than ours. Designed to cater to the greater population. Many have wonderful qualities and can make your skin feel fantastic. I am sure each of you reading this has a brand or product they love and that is fantastic, please share!

I am writing this blog because I have finally started paying attention to my skin because I now have a skin guru that has designed a specific regime just for this climate. And thank goodness cause I probably would still be lazy around this subject. I am much more obsessed with shoes!

Below I am sharing my favourite products that help me (and my skin) through this YYC winter.

Step 1: Cleanse

This Cyberderm jojoba cleanser starts thick but adding a few drops of water brings forth a milky texture that is lightweight and gentle. $32

Step 2: Tone

I love this Thayers toner because it smells delicious, is not harsh and is very affordable at $20.


Step 3: Mist

XO Treatment Room has expanded their product line to include this Rocket Mist that pulls product deep into the hydrolipic skin layer. Basically it upgrades your skincare regime, giving you more bang for your buck. $62

Step 4: Hydrate

Moisture Mass is another fabulous new face care treatment that XO has launched. XO Moisture Mass is hydration tailor made for dry skin and dry environments. With a three dimensional glycol-matrix delivery system that releases moisturizing molecules sequentially into the stratum corneum, resulting in a highly significant improvement of both immediate and long term skin hydration. $115

xo face rocket mist

Step 5: Day

Obviously the next step for daytime is sunscreen. I used to layer my sunscreen under my moisturizer because I felt I needed both for protection and moisture. Now I just use the Rocket Mist and layer on this Cyberderm Sunscreen because the sunscreen doubles as a moisturizer. Less steps means quicker mornings. $32

cyberderm sunscreen

Step 6: Night

In my opinion what you do with your skin at night is the most important. Especially how you should never sleep in your makeup! I don't think I need to go into why right? I am sideying some of my friends right now.

Repeat steps 1-3 and proceed to 6. If you follow us on social media you will probably have noticed how obsessed I am with XO Treatment Room's XO PM. It's like a mini trip to the spa when you pat it into your face. The aromatherapy is so soothing and the lightweight texture is just heaven. Designed with a precious blend of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, vitamins and lipids from the highest quality sources this will bring you sweet dreams and fresh, hydrated skin when you wake. $190


If you you're as in need of guidance about your skin as I was than if I tell you one thing this year that you take away please let it be this...go see Annie at XO Treatment Room to get her to put together a specialized skin care regime just for you. Trust me you will love it and her!


Stay warm,

XO ~ Phae


As we come to the end of 2017 I am reflecting on the fashion gifts of the past year. We were given lots of memorable looks + many that left a bad taste. So let's celebrate the TOP 5 'best' moments for what they gave us, whether it be a hells yes moment or an omg whyyyyyy? moment.


Celine was not often referred to as a fashion icon, her voice has always been iconic but her fashion choices in the past have fallen flat. In 2017 she has been feeling herself and she delivered us so many fashion gifts! Celine gave us a consistent runway of looks that nailed it while she was on her European tour. We must also give major props to her stylist, Law Roach, who orchestrated this amazingness.


At 21 years of age Zendaya has made her mark on the fashion world. She shows her personality through her clothing and style choices and takes risks but remains relatable to all ages. She is gorgeous and talented and most recently co-starred in The Great Showman. Keep your eyes on this one, she is tracking towards style greatness. Ps. Law Roach is behind this perfection too!


If you haven't watched Stranger Things then what is wrong with you? Lol, kidding but not's a full on 80's throwback and spooky but not too much to give you a permanent creep out. Anyway, back to fashion...Millie Bobby Brown has been making some headlines with her style in 2017. Some argue she is too young to be inundated with the pressure of always dressing on point for every event, that it is too much for a young girl. I say, let her play dress up! Let her have her fun. When I was a kid/teenager I lived to wear beautiful clothing. Millie Bobby is also setting  great example for kids her age. 


I've never really been a fan of Katy Perry, I tried to like her after watching her documentary but it never really stuck. No offence Katy! I also keep hoping she will get her style sorted please leave her California Dreams candy coated wardrobe behind and show her quirkiness through some savvy style choices. I'll add that to one of my wishes for 2018. Cause in 2017, I Ken-Not with Katy.


I think my problem with Jared Leto's 'style' in 2017 is that he could be so HOT! Why don't you just let yourself be hot Jared?

Feel free to comment or debate if you agree or strongly disagree, makes it all more fun!

Have a happy and stylish New Year friends!

XO, Phae


As fashion stylists we spend a lot of time on the road. Driving from client to client, store to store and loading and unloading our vehicles. So when we had the opportunity to partner with BMW and spend the day with their highly anticipated X3 we immediately said yes! 

To really put this ride to the test we brought it along for a day in the life of Styleista. We spent a typical day from start to finish and found that the X3 made our day easy and efficient. 

AM - I picked up the X3 at Calgary BMW and was given the full rundown (aka. BMW Delivery) of the features and attributes of the 2018 model including some of our favourites: Gesture Control, Parking Assistant Plus w/ Surround View and Ambient Lighting. 


Next I went to pick up B for a workout. We like to start our days with fitness any chance we get and if we can we go together. We headed to 9 Round in Marda Loop, with our tunes cranked on the Harman/Kardon Sound System for a  30 min kickboxing sweat fest!


MIDDAY - From there we used the On-board Navigation to plug in Our Daily Brett so we could have a quick power lunch with our stylist Sam and plan the rest of the day. Our favourite part of the navi system was the 'Speak Address' feature. Saves so much time instead of typing it in! 


Of course we had to do a little shopping at ODB because they have the best curated inventory of home and kitchen wares there. The automatic rear hatch made it easy to be hands free while loading up our goodies.


AFTERNOON - Last stop of the day was a pull for a photo shoot that we had in our schedule. We now had a third person in tow and she loved the Adjustable Rear Seats in the back which also folded down easily to allow us to store a rolling rack. Another note on the seats, as the driver I really liked the Lumbar Support feature. It was much more supportive than most I have experienced. Some other notable features that I loved as the driver were; the Lane Keep Assist, Active Cruise Control w/ Stop & Go and the Blind Spot Alert. Oh! And the coolest feature was the Parking Assistant; it senses parking spots in lots or parallel and when you activate feature by holding down the command, the car parks itself for you! 

Overall, for what we do as stylists the X3 fit our needs perfectly! It would also be wonderful for anyone with a small family or who spends a lot of time on the road. The X3 gives the driver and passengers an effortless driving sensation, has powerful agility and optimum traction in every corner. We give it an A+!

For more info click here, if you want to take a test drive ask for Jason at Calgary BMW in the SW or visit BMW Gallery in the NW and tell them Styleista sent you!

X0 ~ Phaedra 


Tis the season to give! From big ticket items to small stocking stuffers. We have broken down some of our top spots to shop for those on your Christmas List located in 3 of our fav neighbourhoods.


*Note: Unwind over handcrafted cocktails at the Deane House 

The Livery Shop: They have the best stocking stuffers! Everything from Lavami charcoal soap to Treeline camp socks to Coutu Kitsch accessories.

Lavami Charcoal Facial Soap

Lavami Charcoal Facial Soap

plant: Pretty obsessed with this little greenhouse nestled in Inglewood. With the winters we get here in YYC it is a treat to walk into this green space full of succulents, botanicals and artisanal goods. There are so many great gift giving ideas for the botanist in your life.

Air Plants - Similar available at plant in Inglewood

Air Plants - Similar available at plant in Inglewood


Maison Birks: A great gift for him under $1000 could be a luxury watch from Birks in the CORE Shopping Centre. We are finding these days that less women are tending to wear watches but the guys are still very much in the watch game. They are a timeless gift - all puns intended - and will always make them think of you.

Gifts for him >$1000

Gifts for him >$1000

Saje: Saje supports wellness. Located in Mount Royal Village, Saje is not just about pretty smelling essential oils, they focus on promoting wellness for all areas of your life. From digestion to pain to sleep, there is something for all of your needs. One of my favourite items is the Halo roller ball which helps me with headaches. Great stocking stuffers!

Oils from Saje

Oils from Saje


Peasant Cheese Shop: They have it all, from meat & cheese to maple syrup. We all have a foodie in our lives and they make it easy to curate custom baskets and giftable items. My favourite concept is the Monthly Cheese Club. Ummmm, yes please!

Similar items available at Peasant

Similar items available at Peasant

Kensington Wine Market: Clearly the next suggestion is going to be for the wine lover. These guys know wine and can help you pick out any grape (or spirit) that will check off the most discerning connoisseur. Cheers! 

Similar items available at KWM

Similar items available at KWM

GIFT CERTIFICATES: We offer personalized gift certificates to those in your life you want to give the gift of style. Inquire to

Happy Shopping!

XO ~ Phaedra


Hey friends, quick little recap here on some of some of our favourite trends of the current season. Keep in mind that runway often doesn't equal 'real-way' these trends are meant to be used as a guideline, to inspire and to incorporate into your lifestyle. 

VINTAGE FUR: Whether it be faux or real, do what feels right to you. Inspiration comes from the glam silhouettes and details of 40s and 50s including large collars, pearl/beads, and belted waists. Styling Tip: Don't think to much about what to wear it with, think like the street style bloggers and pair it with leather leggings and white sneakers or wear it styled for evening with OTK boots*

Image:   Designer: AQUAZZURA



PLASTICS: This trend has been slowly coming in for the last couple of years with the intro of lucite heels, bags and accessories. Now it's coming in full force with clear coats, boots and dresses. Styling Tip: Start slow and try with athletic pieces like a zip up bomber or a clear pump (see here) 

Image:   Designer: CALVIN KLEIN



FALL FLORALS: Florals are not new, we know that, but Gucci is bringing then in hot and heavy! Metallic, bright, all over, and in your face! Just jump on the bandwagon and have some fun with this trend. Styling Tip: Mix and match your florals, this season makes it easy to not make mistakes because it all goes.

Image:   Designer: GUCCI


Designer: GUCCI

OVERSIZED BOMBERS: Bombers have been around for a while now but this season they are back in a big way. Oversized and tricked out. Styling Tip: Wear over dresses.

Image:   Designer: SACAI


Designer: SACAI

VICTORIAN OPULANCE: Romantic yet powerful. This trend brings together the feminine and the masculine, the pretty and punk, the bespoke and the couture. It's the perfect marriage of classics and fantasy. Styling Tip: Look for the embellishments; fur, appilque, beading, lace, tweed.

Image:   Designer: SIMONE ROCHA



BELTED COATS: Last year it was all about the oversized silhouette in coats, this year it is more so about showing waist definition. You can go with the classic trench style or be creative and add a wide belt (also a trend this season). Styling Tip: If you already have a classic coat in black, camel or grey then have some fun with this trend and look for pink, green or burgandy.

Image:   Designer: THE ROW


Designer: THE ROW

We hope your fall/winter season is off to a great start! We also can offer help if you or someone you know needs to get their wardrobes in line for the upcoming season. Visit our services page!

XO, Phaedra

EVENTS: Wine Women & Shoes YYC

Sip, sip, hooray! Wine Women & Shoes is on the way!

women wine and shoes yyc

Wood's Homes is excited to be premiering Wine Women & Shoes in support of children's mental health on Friday, April 7. This is a new signature event for Wood’s Homes and we want to make sure you know all about it before tickets sell out!

Wine Women & Shoes will welcome hundreds of women to celebrate a ladies’ night out in the elegant Jack Singer Concert Hall Lobby at Arts Commons, featuring wine and culinary tasting stations, enticing auction items, a boutique marketplace, a fabulous fashion show, best dressed competitions, a luxurious “Keys to the Closet” raffle, and a crowd of charming Shoe Guys to indulge, inspire and pamper our guests throughout the evening.

There will be a boutique marketplace which will include: Blu's (shoes and handbags), Cody & Sioux (western boots and accessories), Dome by Maria Ortman (leather accessories), Kate Hewko (jewelry + accessories) and Silas & Ivy (jewelry).

The fashion show will feature local designers Paul HardyLauren Bagliore and Maria Ortman, swimwear from Celladora Swim, sleepwear from Shades of Sleep, shoes by Stuart Weitzman + Gravity Pope, and a whole lot more...!

Tickets are going fast, so get your girlfriends together and we’ll see you there!

We have 2 tickets to give away! Please follow us on Instagram and twitter and leave a comment with the hashtag #womenwineshoesyyc and mentioning @styleista_ca

See you there!