INTERVIEW: Phaedra Talks to Lainey Lui

The witty author behind the Lainey Gossip blog, Etalk host, and resident co-host on the Social takes some time to chat about LOOK2016, fashion, gossip and 2017 predictions.

Lainey Lui

Lainey Lui

Let me preface here by saying I really had to refrain from fangirl-ing all over Lainey on our call because it is a fact that I religiously read her blog, like everyday. And when it's a long weekend it's torture because it's one less day of posts anyway, I digress. If you haven't read it yet then you need to jump on it, stat! You're welcome:

I had the chance to talk to Lainey because she will be the host of Contemporary Calgary's LOOK2016 Gala and Styleista is also involved because we love this initiative and think it is incredibly important to support initiatives like this in our city.

I called Lainey from my BC vacation and with her having lived in Vancouver, it was a great place to kick off the conversation. After some sharing of our love for the weather, ocean and vibe of the west coast we jumped into a few questions...

P - If you could live in any celeb's closet who would it be and why?  

L - Rhianna's because she dictates style. Rhianna is her own trend and nobody can wear Rhianna but Rhianna. She can wear a ball gown (or go street) she is never boring, never predictable. The best dressed lists are so generic, choosing people like Blake Lively all the time. I prefer her (Rhianna's) edge.

P - You have mentioned before that you think there should be a accredited course on gossip in University, do you think that there's a place for fashion's role in gossip and what would the course content consist of?

L - This is a bigger discussion but fashion definitely has a role. Hollywood Reporter is curating a list of hollywoods most powerful stylists and Petra, Zoe Saldana stylist, made sure that her premier outfits and press tour looks were geared towards the audiences of her projects/movies because it is very important in marketing the movies as well. So fashion is very much a part of celebs jobs, it is 100% a part of an actors resume. They are actors and clothes hangers as well. Gossip is not just conversation about who's fucking who and who's an asshole, its about human behaviour and expression, how the actors/celebs choose to express themselves. Fashion is expression. 

P - What would your 'Gossip Christmas' prediction of 2017 be?

L - Taylor Swift already gave us a lot in 2016 with a relationship change and Kanye/Katy beefs. She is due to release an album in 2017 so there may be great gossip on romance and mean girl/bad blood. Katy Perry is also due for an album so a head to head with those two given their current relationship 'narrative' would be great. Also would love to see Rhianna and Drake be open about a relationship together - attending events, holding hands, pictures kissing on social media, That would be a big ass deal!

P - What do you think Steve Martin's personal taste on art is (in his home)? Provocative, edgy, contemporary?

L - If I was to predict what was his personal taste at home I would think edgy and provocative, he has a great eye.

P - What does Steve Martin bring to an event like LOOK2106?

L - He will bring versatility to this event, from SNL to The Three Amigos - he's so successful and he appeals to all. He can move around in every room. I love him in Father of the Bride, it's my favourite movie of his!

LOOK2016 is on October 22 at the soon to be transformed Planetarium with special guests, contemporary art, auctions and an after party. Tickets range in types and prices for all preferences and ages. This is a MUST be at event this year!

For all the details and to buy tickets visit: LOOK2016

XO, Phaedra