B and I have been going to see Annie and the girls at XO Treatment Room for 2 years now. I remember the first time I went in, I admitted that for most of my life my skin was an afterthought. First came shoes. 

I learned that all I had to to was put my face in the loving and knowledgable hands of Annie and her squad. I highly recommend seeing Annie, the owner and guru on all things skin, first. She will tell you what you need and my advice is to just say yes to her all the time cause she knows what she is doing. My next favourite thing is any and every facial by Kayla. This girl has magical hands and I pretty much fall asleep every time because I am so friggin' relaxed. Finally, get laser. If you are like me and not ready to jump onto the injectables bandwagon, laser is the way to go. Laser Glow is quick and painless. Titan is what is sounds like, tightening. And IPL makes my face look like a connect the dots game for a few days but will remove sun spots for an all over flawless complexion in the long run.

So this all brings me to my next point...what to do once you leave XO and have to fend for yourself? Annie tells me what to wash my face with, when to use certain serums and creams but mostly she tells me to keep it simple and consistent. That is the key to great skin. She has now designed and brought to market her own serum, PM, and it's the bomb! It's a calming rescue remedy for girls like me and B, we are always on the go. With a mix of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, lipids and vitamins to calm and heal your completion it feels like a mini zen moment when you put it on. To be honest, I just really love the smell so that makes me use it all the time!

If you haven't checked out XO before it's time to go, do yourself a me you will love it there!

XO, Phaedra