SKINCARE: Beyond Botox ~ Courtesy of the XO Treatment Room

I’ll be the first to admit that I am skin lazy. 

At certain points in my life, I’ve taken an interest in my skin.  I’ve seen a dermatologist, been advised on a specific regime that I loosely followed and ended up somewhat satisfied with the results. 

However, nothing stays the same.  Aging & climate changes are constant obstacles for me & my skin care, and Calgary has proved to be the biggest one yet; especially with dry sensitive skin.  So after a year and half of trying to figure it out on my own, it was time to see the professionals at XO Treatment Room.

I scheduled my appointment for the first day after the spring break, because lets be honest, while my main objective is skin deep, there is something about being pampered that is just good for the soul.

Located in the Beltline, which is just south of Calgary’s downtown, XO Treatment Room is easily accessible.  Even on a busy weekday morning, parking was a cinch.

As I entered XO Treatment Room, I quickly become aware of two things, an amazing aroma and a woman greeting me with absolutely flawless skin that I’m informed is makeup free.  This happens to be Annie Graham, owner of XO Treatment Room.  Annie welcomes me and as we discuss my dermatological concerns, I am completely at ease with her and my surroundings, which is unlike any medical spa I’ve been to.

My treatment for today is the Beyond Botox facial which is specifically designed to reverse the signs of aging and help reduce lines, wrinkles, and age spots and will be administered by a medical aesthetician, Kaila.  We enter a serene treatment room and as Kaila explains my procedure, she also inquires about any additional skin concerns and easily addresses them with exceptional know-how.  I can tell I am in good hands!

As facials go, this is like nothing I have ever experienced.  There is no pulling, peeling or extracting.  The focus is on enhancing the quality of your skin through pressure points, increased blood circulation and luxe products specifically for hydration.  My facial had 11 plus steps, but the one I enjoyed the most was a mild chemical peel and during this time, I received a full arm & hand massage with organic apricot oil from Italy.  It was during this process that everything just stopped.  All my thoughts, “Have-to’s” and even my mental notes for this blog… it all just came to a rare and much needed stop - it was amazing!

Unfortunately, all good things must end.  Once Kaila was done administering my Beyond Botox Facial, I was reminded of what my skin used to feel like, before my need to hide it with makeup.  It was as though years of exposure had been taken away and I was left with soft, supple, hydrated skin.  We sat down and discussed a realistic regime that works with my lifestyle and includes Canadian product B.Kamins.  I’m obsessed with their Lifting Serum, which in Calgary, is exclusive to XO.

Just as I began to leave with my new found glow, I was introduced to world-renowned Cosmetic Physician, Dr. Grondin, who performs all of XO’s injectables.  Not only is he brilliant at his craft, and just like Annie, his demeanor is infectious.   That’s what sets XO Treatment Room apart, the knowledge and disposition of the staff is parallel and cohesive to the care and attention they give you.

It’s been over 36 hours since my experience at XO Treatment Room and as someone who is result driven - I’m thrilled.  And more so, have finally been given the resources required to achieve and maintain healthy looking skin.

PS. Check out their Instagram cause it will make you giggle! 

XO, Kimberly