As fashion stylists we spend a lot of time on the road. Driving from client to client, store to store and loading and unloading our vehicles. So when we had the opportunity to partner with BMW and spend the day with their highly anticipated X3 we immediately said yes! 

To really put this ride to the test we brought it along for a day in the life of Styleista. We spent a typical day from start to finish and found that the X3 made our day easy and efficient. 

AM - I picked up the X3 at Calgary BMW and was given the full rundown (aka. BMW Delivery) of the features and attributes of the 2018 model including some of our favourites: Gesture Control, Parking Assistant Plus w/ Surround View and Ambient Lighting. 


Next I went to pick up B for a workout. We like to start our days with fitness any chance we get and if we can we go together. We headed to 9 Round in Marda Loop, with our tunes cranked on the Harman/Kardon Sound System for a  30 min kickboxing sweat fest!


MIDDAY - From there we used the On-board Navigation to plug in Our Daily Brett so we could have a quick power lunch with our stylist Sam and plan the rest of the day. Our favourite part of the navi system was the 'Speak Address' feature. Saves so much time instead of typing it in! 


Of course we had to do a little shopping at ODB because they have the best curated inventory of home and kitchen wares there. The automatic rear hatch made it easy to be hands free while loading up our goodies.


AFTERNOON - Last stop of the day was a pull for a photo shoot that we had in our schedule. We now had a third person in tow and she loved the Adjustable Rear Seats in the back which also folded down easily to allow us to store a rolling rack. Another note on the seats, as the driver I really liked the Lumbar Support feature. It was much more supportive than most I have experienced. Some other notable features that I loved as the driver were; the Lane Keep Assist, Active Cruise Control w/ Stop & Go and the Blind Spot Alert. Oh! And the coolest feature was the Parking Assistant; it senses parking spots in lots or parallel and when you activate feature by holding down the command, the car parks itself for you! 

Overall, for what we do as stylists the X3 fit our needs perfectly! It would also be wonderful for anyone with a small family or who spends a lot of time on the road. The X3 gives the driver and passengers an effortless driving sensation, has powerful agility and optimum traction in every corner. We give it an A+!

For more info click here, if you want to take a test drive ask for Jason at Calgary BMW in the SW or visit BMW Gallery in the NW and tell them Styleista sent you!

X0 ~ Phaedra